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Alan Brignull on “woodletter”

Rambling Urchin - woodletter

4⅛″ × 5¾″ card printed by Alan Brignull of the Hedgehog Press as part of the "Rambling Urchin" keepsake series

I received a packet in the mail the other day from Mr. Alan Brignull of the Hedgehog Press, Wivenhoe, Essex, England. The parcel, whose exterior bore samples of Alan’s calligraphy and masterfully printed artistamps, contained some pieces from the Hedgehog Press’ Rambling Urchin series of postcard-sized keepsakes, including the one pictured above.

Other than the fact that it was beautifully printed, I wanted to feature this specific card because it speaks perfectly to the focus of this newly founded journal — indeed in form, but more importantly in content, by introspectively pondering the mystique of wood type (or “woodletter” if you prefer a more British tongue).

… And besides, what’s not to love about something that uses a term like “Vandercookery”?

Alan sent the prints after coming across a poster I printed a few months earlier which employed similar red/blue wood type overprinting (apparently great minds do think alike!). It wasn’t the first keepsake he’s been generous enough to send me, and with any luck won’t be the last.